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Stats is a tool for planets that allows you to do a lot of the things commonly done by add-on programs, but now on unix (windows should be possible, but no effort is currently put into it). Plantable (statistics). Randmax (randomising friendly codes, autobuild of mines, factories, defence posts). Unpack.

But also more. Soon there'll be autobuilding of ships at starbases, randmax-script-like movement of ships. Currently you can print graphs through gnuplot. Very handy (use at least this from stats!) is the --sanity option. Automatic checking for common errors (ships just missing the planet or running out of fuel, 'md5' options without 'lay mines' mission etc.).

The most recent version is version, 1.13. You can grab it using the sourceforge file download network (source distribution). For the cutting edge, go grab a copy via CVS. Handy is the simple binary distribution

Project main page at sourceforge. Go here for filing bugs, requests and to get your paws on CVS.

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