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In the below examples the prompt is displayed in the normal manner:


Unpack game files:

$> stats -ut <gamedir> -B<basedir>


$> stats -j<MasterConf> -i<raceid>,<conffile>

For the master configuration file with host parameters, see section 4.2

Player-specific command file:

# First build 15 factories, then 20 mines and 15 defence, then continue
# with maxing factories and 250 mines, then build a starbase:
planet 12: f15 m20 d15 f999 m250 b 
# Max base with 60 fighters & 200 defense posts:
planet Wolf 359 : F40+20 p200 
# Tax all planets:

See also script directory for some further examples.

Show planet names and mineral output for player 6:

$>stats <gamedir> -B<basedir> -p6 -dnod

Set tax and randomise planetary friendly codes:

$>stats -ctf

List of options:

$>stats --help

Reinout van Rees 2003-06-23